The seduction of listening

Many women, when are in front of a man they would like to seduce, that they would like to conquer, one of the strategies they use is to “show off”. They try to appear interesting, charming, confident, and so on. In doing this, not infrequently, they tend to talk a lot. They talk a lot in general and not infrequently a lot about themselves.

This strategy has its reasons, of course. It is not in itself wrong. The problem is that many women end up talking so much that they hardly listen to the man in front of them.

This is a grave mistake. For several reasons. Here are three quickly.

The first is that it can happen that a man does not feel listened to, has the idea that a woman is more interested in her own personality, in her own ideas, than in his ones.

The other is that in doing so they fail to acquire sufficient information about the man in front of them. And for seduction, especially in certain phases, information is enormously important.

Another reason to listen instead of just talking? A woman who listens attentively, not only with her ears but also with her eyes, is much more fascinating in the eyes of many men than one who can almost only speak.

So, ladies of the kingdom, learn to listen.