Why spiritual life improves couple relationships

There is one thing that many women, but it also happens to men, have inside of them, and that sometimes makes lasting relationships difficult.
I’m talking about those people who think that their partner may be able to fill their life almost completely, or at least to fill in the probably many still empty spaces.

It’s as if he’s expected to have the ability to make their life completely full, satisfying, almost perfect.

This attitude, as for example already mentioned here, is quite childish and is sometimes one of the causes of the failure of a relationship.

The reason is that there are spaces that only we ourselves can fill. Only we, using our inner resources, can over time transform those empty spaces into something beautiful and fulfilling, filling them and integrating them with the rest of life.

There are so many ways to fill those spaces: hobbies, friends, work, passions, sports and much more. But there is one in particular that is capable, if the person feels it in some way, of enriching life: spirituality.

Spirituality is a universally widespread characteristic of the human species. It’s a healthy, positive, vital feature that puts you in contact with the world and with others, but also and above all with your inner self.

And there are many ways to experience it. There are the institutional religions, the different churches big or small, and so on. Just as there is a more personal, intimate approach, which can be based on philosophy, a certain type of depth psychology (Jung for example), mysticism, meditation and other ways to get in touch with the dimension of the spirit.

But regardless of how one is inclined to live one’s spirituality, this can have positive and beneficial effects in a couple’s relationship.

This is because it first helps to satisfy those parts of us that cannot be satisfied otherwise. There are parts of the human being that must be satisfied by something spiritual, because they themselves are “spiritual”. Sometimes, perhaps out of laziness, ignorance, habit, one tends to seek satisfaction from these parts in one’s partner, rather than attempting a new path. But mind you, that doesn’t mean you can’t share something spiritual with your partner. When this happens, it’s a great thing. But it can only happen if the need for something more specifically spiritual has already been recognized.

Another reason why spirituality can be beneficial for the couple’s relationship is that through it one can access sources of energy and vitality, which can then also be partially poured into the relationship. A person capable of cultivating spirituality in a vital way will inevitably bear its fruits also in the couple relationship.

A further reason why spirituality often improves the couple relationship is that when it is genuine, and therefore also something inherent in the moral and ethical sphere, it induces one to look within and consider one’s own behavior in relation to others. Spirituality sooner or later confronts us with our selfishness, limitations and subterfuges. Having them under our eyes, we become more inclined to criticize ourselves, and therefore to try to modify our less pleasant traits, which can be an obstacle to a full and fulfilling relationship.

However, all this is true only if spirituality is based on the awareness of having to discover something new. Something new about the world and about yourself. Because true spirituality is also a thirst for knowledge.
When there is no such aspect, spirituality runs the risk of becoming something sterile and taken for granted. And it even runs the risk of sometimes becoming a pretext for selfish and childish behavior.

So trying to open new paths towards yourself and the universe and what is beyond what we can see, through spirituality, can also mean discovering new paths and new horizons in the relationship with your partner.